2017 NAB Superannuation FX Hedging Survey SUPER EVOLUTION

Insights important to the super fund community

For deeper insights into the current evolution of FX hedging, Regulation and market conditions on the Super Funds’ investment environment.

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Listed companies and superannuation funds can lift returns and boost Australia’s economic growth if they work together, the recent 2019 Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia heard.

The super sector will undergo changes in the next five years that will bring fewer and larger funds, more intrusive regulators and a sharp focus on returns and fees, says Martin Fahy, chief executive officer of the Association of Superannuation Funds Australia.

In a rapidly consolidating sector, trustees must consider many factors as they eye potential tie-ups.

Technology has already revolutionised back offices at superannuation funds and wealth management businesses, and is soon to transform customer service as well.

Australia’s superannuation funds are turning to venture capital for the outsized returns the sector can generate and to diversify their portfolios, the 2018 ASFA Conference heard.

Australia’s superannuation funds should seriously consider infrastructure investment opportunities that help build the nation, NAB Chief Customer Officer of Consumer Banking, and former Premier of New South Wales, Mike Baird, says.

Aussie superfunds face a world where investment themes are changing and there’s a continued search for yield. NAB’s latest Superannuation FX Hedging survey indicates they’re up to the challenge.

NAB’s most recent FX Hedging survey shows that superfunds are adapting their hedging strategies, thanks in large part to an increase in size.

Our 8th biennial survey captures the shifting priorities of Australian super funds in a rapidly changing landscape.

Socially responsible investing (SRI) means integrating non-financial factors – such as ethical, social or environmental concerns – into the investment process with the aim of earning both a financial return and a moral ‘return’.