A slow start to the year…again.

Key indicators a little softer in April, pointing to easing economic growth in Q2.

Any budget has inherent conflicts and trade-offs in it, for example, between the short-term macro needs of the economy and the desired medium-term fiscal policy settings; and between the myriad of policy, social, intergenerational and political aspects of any policy changes.

Economy regained its footing over 2016 GDP. It grew in each quarter in 2016… the first year this has occurred in since 2005.

No FTA yet, but deepening trade prospects.

China’s income inequality improving but still some long term challenges.

We review March conditions and recommend overweight exposure in cash and alternative assets, with underweight positions in fixed interest, property and Australian equities, while keeping neutral exposure to international equities.

An improving US-China relationship provides a better environment for China’s economy.

In March, the NAB Monthly Business Survey results pointed to an overall healthy economy that is gaining momentum, at least in the near-term.

Geo-political risks fail to dent global reflation…for now.

Geopolitics took a backseat today with Trump’s Wall Street Journal interview dominating market moves.

The global macro picture has been muddied by a rise in geopolitical tensions, economic data releases overnight have been largely ignored and safe haven assets have outperformed.

Prime Minister Turnbull visits India after important economic reforms.

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