May 16, 2018

Australian Housing Market Update: May 2018

Nationally dwelling values continued their downwards trend last month; the seventh consecutive month on month decline since the national index series peaked in September last year.

While the national market has slid into reverse, many of the trends we have been following over the past five years have reversed.   For example, regional housing markets are now outperforming the capital cities.  Also, the unit sector has taken over from houses as the best performed, at least in Sydney and Melbourne, where affordability constraints are the highest.  Another change has been that the lower priced end of the market is now showing better conditions than higher priced properties, which is likely the result of more first home buyers as well as affordability barriers preventing more activity across the higher price points.

These trends aren’t always uniform across each of the capital cities and regional markets.

Transcript: Australian Housing Market Update: May 2018 (Word, 20kb)

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