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Conditions and confidence rise out of lockdown.

Australian housing values rose 1.5% last month, a similar result to August and September. However, the trend shows the market is continuing to slowly lose momentum since moving through a peak monthly rate of growth in March 2021, when values were up 2.8%.

Confidence rebounds on the back of roadmaps, vaccination.

Australian housing values rose 17.6% higher over the first nine months of the year and 20.3% higher over the past 12 months. The annual growth rate is now tracking at the fastest pace since the year ending June 1989.

Despite many parts of the country remaining in some level of lockdown, the housing boom continued to roll on, with national home values rising another 1.5% last month.

In our latest report, we look at what small business needs to succeed.

Although the pace of housing growth has slowed, values continue to rise at a rate that is well above average across most areas of the country.

Confidence and conditions fall further with ongoing lockdowns.

Very strong SME business conditions in Q2.

Cash may have once been king, but do current digital payment trends mean its reign is almost over?

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