May 20, 2021

FX and your business weekly podcast: 19 May 2021

Our new podcast series to help small to medium sized businesses make sense of current market movements.

In this week’s podcast, Phin Ziebell is joined by our Head of FX Strategy, Ray Attrill and Perth-based Senior Markets Manager, Jonathon Cross.

Ray discusses:

  • The latest currency market developments
  • The significance of commodity prices – the sharp run up in iron ore price in particular – and what to look out of in coming days.
  • The significance of the recent strengthening in European currencies, which have seen the AUD/EUR and AUD/GBP cross rates fall back from highs seen earlier in the year.

Jonathan shares insights on our mining client activity in WA against the backdrop of the extraordinary strength in iron ore prices.

Listen above now.

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Markets Today – The Cool Out

Markets Today – The Cool Out

1 December 2023

After what has been a solid month for equities and bond investors, month end flows have probably play their part in the price action overnight, US equities have lost momentum, UST have led a rise in core global bond yields and the USD is stronger. US and European inflation releases favoured the notion the Fed and ECB are done with their respective tightening cycles.

Markets Today – The Cool Out
Markets Today – Sweet Spot

Markets Today – Sweet Spot

30 November 2023

Bond markets have been supported by some market-friendly data and while Fed speakers were again mixed, it was the more dovish remarks that captured attention.

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