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The surprise news on Friday were reports that the German government might relax some of its spending rules to splash out and prevent a recession.

An ECB Governing Council member suggests markets hadn’t priced in the extent of the stimulus measures coming next month.

In this month’s FX Podcast, Ray Attrill and Phil Dobbie discuss NAB’s revised outlook for the AUD.

There’s been a sharp turnaround in market sentiment as the US announced delays to the extra tariffs on Chinese imports for certain consumer-sensitive products.

There’s a continued risk-off mood in the markets today, not helped by protestors forcing the closure of Hong Kong Airport and a surprise defeat of Argentina’s President Macri in primary elections at the weekend.

The US President hinted that a resumption of trade talks with China wasn’t a done deal, adding uncertainty in an already shaky market.

Are the markets more concerned about the relative strength of the Chinese currency than they are about tariffs?

It’s been a hectic 24 hours, with shares falling them climbing back, with bond yields doing the same.

US stocks have bounced back and the US dollar has picked up against the Yen.

Markets continued in risk-off mood as China announced its response to President Trump’s threat of extended import tariffs.

There was a swift market reaction to President Trump’s announcement of further tariffs on imports from China

A tweet from President Trump promising a 10% tariff on the remainder of imports from China has sent the markets into a tailspin.

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