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Markets continue to respond to news reports highlighting the (admittedly slow) spread of COVID-19.

The extent of the spread of the coronavirus in South Korea, Europe and numerous other countries, has driven a major fallout in markets overnight.

There was a strong risk-off mood on Friday due to the spread of the COVID-19 infections and the impact it’s having on the global economy.

Asian currencies have born the brunt of rising concerns over the spread of COVID-19 beyond the Chinese mainland.

The markets have spun around again,with renewed optimism and not much lingering concern from Apple’s revenue warning yesterday.

Markets have returned to adopting a more cautious approach to the impact of COVID-19, after Apple said it didn’t expect to meet its forward guidance.

Nobody was expecting anything other than a bad GDP read from Japan but it was worse than bad.

Markets are cautiously hoping the worst of the coronavirus is over.

The markets slipped momentarily into risk-off as the number of COVID-19 infections jumped in volume, but concern slipped back a little as it became clear that the way cases were being measured had changed.

Coronavirus to deliver a shock to global growth.

The markets are continuing to discount the impact of the coronavirus.

We have adjusted down 2020 GDP by 0.5% due to bushfires & Coronavirus impacts, but boosted for 2021. RBA forecasts a big stretch.

Trump tweeted as Jerome Powell spoke saying shares were falling the more he spoke.

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