August 18, 2022

NAB Behavioural Insights – The Changing Workplace (Q2 2022)

The “Great Resignation”, Working from Home & Returning to the Office

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the workplace, blending work and life with lasting impacts on workplace culture, employee attitudes and expectations.

After decades of low employee turnover a very sizeable share of the adult working population are still considering leaving their current job, but numbers are declining.

1 in 5 Australians are considering leaving their current job, but numbers are falling. Intentions to leave remain highest in Mining & Agribusiness and among workers in digital/data, sales, labouring and other IT/technology.

Australians are still spending 34% of their work week on average at home (down from 38% in Q1), but ideally still want 48%.

Commute time remains the key (and rising) concern over returning to the workplace, as worries over catching COVID continue to ease.

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