A desire for social connection is fundamental to our wellbeing; being deprived of it can pose significant mental and physical consequences.

At a high level, commodity prices broadly strengthened in August (with coal and gold the notable exceptions).

GDP is expected to decline by 5.8% (-5.1% y/y) in Q2 – the largest quarterly fall on record.

Commodity markets have continued to display differing trends.

A number of commodity markets saw stronger prices in June –particularly base metals, gold and oil.

How Australians are changing their behaviours, their biggest fears, and what of the “new normal”.

Trends across commodity markets were mixed in May.

NAB Online Retail Sales Index rapid growth accelerated again in April

Commodity prices generally fell in April – with particularly steep falls in oil and LNG markets, along with declines in iron ore and coal.

Our NAB Online Retail Sales Index data indicates that the rebound in online spend continued in March, with a large jump in sales.

Overall, the global economic outlook has deteriorated since last month, with the downturn expected to far exceed the Global Financial Crisis.

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