August 31, 2022

NAB Regional Supply Chain Insights

Hear from business experts on supply chain issues and opportunities - the impact on regional & agribusinesses, and how businesses are adapting

Webinar overview

The COVID pandemic and other global events caused challenges for supply chains across the globe. Regional & agribusinesses have been adapting, but a number of issues and opportunities continue including – labour shortages and lacking infrastructure in less populated regions around Australia.

Webinar – Insights and Opportunities for Regional Wholesale and Trading Businesses

Covers key insights and strategies to help you review your supply chain and prepare for future supply chain issues.

Hear from:

  • NAB Executive, Regional and Agri, Australia
  • NAB Group Chief Economist, Alan Oster
  • NAB Head of Economics, Dean Pearson
  • NAB Executive Trade and Working Capital, Jackie Cooper

Discussion topics include:

  • Supply chain – business impacts, how it is being addressed and strategies to deal with future supply chain issues
  • The global and domestic economy
  • Impacts of the great resignation and labour shortages on businesses
  • Insights from NAB’s latest business surveys – see reports below

Watch the webinar here