Professional Services Webinar May 2021

People: Our biggest asset & future business owners – sustaining a high performance culture.


In this NAB Professional Service Webinar hosted by Andrew Loveridge, Customer Executive, Professional Services, we help you unlock the potential of high performing teams and prepare for the busy season.

We are joined by Daniel Spitty, CEO, Everperform and Amanda Kenafake, CEO, Power Tynan who share valuable insights on their working journey that has uncovered:

  • How to create buy-in with your team on the changes we face
  • What are the key mindset shifts to grow and sustain a high performing team
  • How leaders can influence their teams & their behaviour
  • The new set of key measurements that help data-driven decision making
  • The key learnings from the journey so far, and what is next on the horizon

Watch the webinar below: