A look at what’s been happening in the sustainable finance market – in Australia and abroad.

Large sums of private wealth are being shifted from term deposits into fixed income in a bid to increase returns. But you want to be sure you’re doing it the right way. 

Investors have well and truly embraced sustainable bonds. But do they have what it takes to help better the world?

An Australasian perspective on sustainable finance markets.

A monthly look at the ESG debt markets from an Australasian perspective.

New COVID-19 social bonds have been met with overwhelming support from investors, leading to rapid growth in the sustainable debt market and a welcome outperformance, experts told a NAB Roundtable.

A look at the Australasian ESG debt markets during the last month.

US equities continued to rally as investors looked for signs the economy would be getting back on track. But then …

The longest period of bond market disruption since the GFC appears to be ending.

The Euro and Italian bonds took a hit with German judges challenging the ECB on its QE activity.

A monthly look at the Australasian ESG debt markets.

Oil prices have recovered somewhat and equities have risen again.

With public debt markets in flux due to the spread of COVID-19, patience is the watchword for Australian borrowers in private capital markets.

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