Growth still reasonable but to move below trend – with rates now unlikely to rise. Indeed a significant & growing risk of a cut.

Macquarie saw demand for long tenors and appetite for socially responsible investments.

It’s beginning to dawn on investors – and the people for whom they invest – that they’re in a unique position to change the world, without sacrificing financial gains.

China’s burst of confidence, irrespective of trade talks, is helping the Aussie dollar, but will it continue if the uncertainty continues?

The Bank of Japan’s changing approach to yield control and China’s policy to protect the economy had the most impact on markets today.

How is the corporate bond market evolving and what will drive the non-institutional fixed income market in the future?

Globally, the finance sector is directing ever-greater amounts of capital to address social and environmental challenges. Australia has more work to do on this front.

For corporates with a growth agenda but no formal credit rating, the bond market is providing a new avenue for capital.

Trump in Helsinki and the EU in Beijing didn’t really move markets but the dissent in the UK has weakened the pound.

China’s M2 money supply grew less than expected on Friday.

At NAB’s 2018 Asian Debt Capital Markets Conference, experts, issuers and investors zeroed in on the forces that will build connections and foster future opportunities.

Trade talks between the US and China took a turn for the worse at the end of last week, with the Trump administration issuing a list of $50 billion worth of products that would be hit with a 25 percent tariff.

The world’s first sustainability bond from a university is funding a better future for students and for vulnerable communities.

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