Year of the Pig brings an uncertain outlook

Confidence and conditions continue to ease

In USD terms, NAB’s Non-Rural Commodity Price Index is forecast to increase by 2.7% this quarter – driven almost entirely by the upturn in iron ore prices.

China’s economy continues to soften, but our outlook is unchanged.

Global Dairy Trade auction results have seen some upside since December after a fairly weak run over much of 2018.

Augmented Yield Curves in the US and Australia – what do they tell us about the growth outlook for Australia and the US?

Economic growth is likely to equal its post-GFC high in 2018.

The Bigger Picture – A Global and Australian Economic Perspective – December 2018

Initial indicators for Q4 suggest the economy continues to perform strongly towards the end of 2018.

Harvest is now underway for 2018-19 winter crop, a season which will likely go down as one of the most mixed in years.

Hands in pockets: Chinese consumers are confident but that doesn’t show up in retail sales data

The bigger picture, a global and Australian economic perspective.

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