June 18, 2019

Australian National Outlook 2019

The Australian National Outlook 2019 provides a compelling view about Australia’s future.

The Australian National Outlook 2019 is a unique collaboration of CSIRO’s integrated modelling and research with input from NAB and 20 other leading Australian organisations from industry, the not-for-profit and education sectors.

Through a highly collaborative process over two years, participants explored several possible outcomes for the nation in order to help Australians continue to enjoy the best quality of life available and for future generations to have access to even better opportunities.

Two contrasting scenarios for Australia in 2060 were identified

  1. A ‘slow decline‘, if we continue on existing trends.
  2. A prosperous future economically, socially and environmentally (the ‘Outlook Vision’) that Australia can achieve if we plan and take considered action.

This report shows that the difference between these two scenarios is large and worth fighting for and there are five core shifts that can help Australia get there:

  1. Industry
  2. Urban
  3. Energy
  4. Land
  5. Culture

For a more in-depth view, download the executive summary or the main report.

In response to the report, NAB will be announcing significant commitments to help solve for the challenges raised.