Taylor Nugent

Taylor Nugent


The San Francisco Fed’s Mary Daly warned it is too early to ‘declare victory’ over inflation.

Our analysis in this weekly highlights that the RBA is indeed treading a fine line in trying to chart a credible path to at target inflation.

US economic data on Friday underscored the inflation challenge facing the Fed

The Fed delivered a unanimous 75bp hike as widely anticipated.

The Terms of Reference for the RBA Review have been finalised, the three-member review panel appointed, and March 2023 set as a deadline for a final report containing recommendations to the Government. In this Weekly, we look at what to expect.

Australian employment data yesterday was showed a tighter labour market than the RBA had been expecting with the unemployment rate plummeting four tenths to 3.5% , a new 48-year low.

Brent oil prices are down 17% since 14 June and have the potential to drive some welcome relief on headline inflation prints.

Weaker US consumer confidence dents equities

Despite softer PMIs and still-hawkish messaging from the Fed, US equities managed to turn around intraday.

The RBA has upgraded its inflation forecasts, now seeing headline inflation at 7% by the end of 2022.

Some relief in equities with a strong bounce back from last week’s decline

The Bank of England rose rate by 25bps and left its options wide open on future moves

Markets took the strong US payroll gains on Friday as affirming the near-term path for continued Fed tightening.

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