May 12, 2021

FX and your business weekly podcast: 15 May 2021

Our new podcast series to help small to medium sized businesses make sense of current market movements. This week's podcast includes a focus on inflation and FX implications .

In this week’s podcast, Phin Ziebell is joined by our Senior FX Currency Strategist, Rodrigo Catril and Senior Markets Manager, Chris O’Brien.


Phin and Rodrigo discuss inflation and FX implications:

  • factors driving inflation higher including supply chain disruptions, pent up demand and base effects.
  • the distinction between Demand Pull and Cost Pull inflation.
  • The role of central banks and the new tolerance for higher inflation
  • Implications for the USD and AUD.


Chris discusses:

  • Demand and supply dynamics affecting clients in particular freight rates, raw imports and accessing supply.
  • FX exporters and importers activity
  • Effective FX hedging strategies used to help our clients manage their FX exposures.

Listen above now.

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