May 5, 2021

FX and your business weekly podcast: 5 May 2021

Our new podcast series to help small to medium sized businesses make sense of current market movements.

Today’s podcast

In this week’s podcast, Phin Ziebell is joined by our Senior FX Currency Strategist, Rodrigo Catril and Senior Markets Manager, Mat Hosking.

Rodrigo discusses:

  • How the AUD performed in April including relativity to the USD and other currencies
  • Speculation of the US FOMC’s position on stimulus and QE tapering
  • Positive sentiment on commodity demand as a potential driver for AUD Strength

Mat discusses:

    • The tight AUD range – activity above .7800 for importers and around .7620 for exporters
    • Hedging instruments used in the current market
    • FX Risk Management

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