NAB Special Report: Coronavirus Behaviour Survey June 2020

How Australians are changing their behaviours, their biggest fears, and what of the “new normal”.


New NAB research* explores how the key concerns of Australians in relation to COVID-19 are changing as the impacts of the pandemic continue to unfold. The report also looks at how the virus may lead to more lasting changes in our behaviours, some enforced upon us, but others through choice. Much has been written about the “new normal” beyond the virus. A more intriguing question posed is to what extent do we really want our pre-COVID lives back? While the economic and broader wellbeing impacts of the virus continue to play out, many Australians have experienced positive change and are reluctant to simply return to “normal”. But, the findings also serve as a reminder that fundamental change typically only happens incrementally.

Get the full details in the NAB Special Report Coronavirus Behaviour Survey June 2020 or listen to our podcast now.

*The survey is based on responses from over 2,000 Australians and weighted to be representative of the Australian adult population by state, gender, age and other key demographics. It was conducted between May 21-29.