February 29, 2016

NAB Special Report: What makes Australia a great place to live? – 2016

In our second annual survey, we take another look at what makes this country such a special place to live.

Australia is well regarded internationally as one of the world’s most liveable places. Australians continue to think so too with 99% of us agreeing that this is a great place to live!

In our second annual survey, we take another look at what makes this country such a special place to live. Relative safety & security, general lifestyle & friendliness and access to quality healthcare continue to be valued most highly, with open spaces, climate and environment also important drawcards. Our people, an acceptance of diversity and love of sport have also become bigger drawcards, but the economy and education are contributing less.

  • Our relative safety & security (36%) and general lifestyle & friendliness (35%) continue to be cited as the key factors making Australia such a great place to live. They also resonated with more Australians in 2016 than in last year’s survey (33% and 32% respectively). Access to quality healthcare was also viewed as key positive for 30% of Australians, albeit less than in 2015 (33%).
  • Access to open spaces, beaches and parks, climate, clean environment & unique natural wonders continued to be highly valued by around 1 in 4 Australians.
  • It was however notable that a strong and stable economy (18%) contributed less to liveability in Australia in the 2016 survey (21% in 2015), which is perhaps not surprising given weaker economic growth outcomes last year. There was also a notable fall in the number of Australians (15%) citing access to quality education as a driver of liveability (19% in 2015).
  • On a positive note, our people and their acceptance of diversity was recognised as a bigger drawcard by 17% of Australians (up from 13% in 2015), while the number who valued our love of sport climbed to 11% (8% in 2015).
  • The national results hide some big differences between states. For example, safety & security was valued most highly in SA/NT (43%) and contributed least in WA (31%) and Victoria (31%). Climate was a much stronger drawcard in WA (29%) and Queensland (28%) than in Victoria (17%) and Tasmania (14%). People and an acceptance of diversity was most highly valued in NSW/ACT (21%), but access to quality education (17%), a love of sport (14%) and entertainment options (9%) resonated most with Victorians, while general lifestyle & friendliness was a much bigger factor for Tasmanians (54%).

For further information please refer to the attached report