November 26, 2014

Corporate Finance Insights – November 2014

This report uses our expertise from across a range of industry sectors. In this edition, we present a compilation of articles with the underlying theme on change, and we ask NAB’s Chief Financial Officer for his view of the barriers and challenges for the Australian business landscape.

Welcome to the November 2014 edition of NAB’s Corporate Finance Insights.

With more to talk about and more to think about, our Corporate Finance Insights publication focuses on themes that are topical and relevant to our clients. As with all publications, we include interviews and opinions from key market participants to provide you with insights that can help with your strategic business decisions.

In this edition we’re pleased to present a compilation of articles with the underlying theme on change.

As Australia’s biggest business bank we have exceptional relationships with business leaders across the spectrum. In this edition we share insights from the strategic thinking behind the growth into export markets from Bob Johnson Chairman of Maptek and Simon McLellan, Chief Executive Officer at EGR. We are incredibly proud of our association with these companies and thank them for their sharing their stories of change through execution of a growth strategy into new markets.

We also celebrate the successes of Western Australia-based GR Engineering Services a company that has developed a global reputation for its innovative approach to delivering fixed price engineering design and construction services to the resources and mineral processing industry.

We ask our Chief Financial Officer his view of the barriers and challenges for the Australian business landscape; he also shares his aspirations on the operating framework for Australian businesses with a call for greater transparency and support, while also sharing a little about his career and personal drivers.

Continuing on the theme of CHANGE we are seeing an increase in innovation in response to growth demand for fixed interest product. We talk about a growing theme in the Australian debt market for sub-investment corporates diverse funding through capital markets issuance through non-rated over the counter markets.

We hear from Kane Thornton, Deputy Chief Executive of the Clean Energy Council on the groundswell of consumer interest both from Australian households and businesses on solar power solutions to assist in the management of rising electricity costs. A drop in the cost of solar panel systems and new funding solutions is making solar power an increasingly attractive option and could potentially change the electricity landscape in Australia.

We trust that you’ll enjoy the latest instalment of our Corporate Finance Insights series.

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