March 15, 2021

FX and your business weekly podcast: 15 March 2021

A new podcast series to help small to medium sized businesses make sense of current market movements.

In this episode, Phin Ziebell, Associate Director of NAB Economics, Rodrigo Catril, Senior Currency Strategist and Tony Prove, Senior Markets Manager discuss:
  • key currency themes from last weeks, including movements in the USD and EUR relative to the AUD as well as rise in US Bond Yields and market inflation expectations.
  • vaccine roll outs and infections were a contrasting feature between Europe and the US.
  • Phin and Rodrigo also look at the week ahead with Australia’s Labour Force Report and FOMC meeting the events to watch.
  • Tony gives a general overview about some of the key themes he has been seeing with his importer and exporter client base over the last few weeks.


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