With public debt markets in flux due to the spread of COVID-19, patience is the watchword for Australian borrowers in private capital markets.

The rush to bonds continued on Friday, hitting new lows for Treasury yields, even as equities in the US saw a last-minute push and actually finished the week up a little.

We helped Neuberger Berman set up Australia’s first listed investment trust focused on global fixed income, to turn global bonds into income for Aussie investors.

With the help of some big thinking and timely funding, Port of Melbourne has gone from strength to strength as they meet the needs of a growing Australian economy.

The bond market has long been opaque, with bonds traded in parcels far too large for the average investors, but what might a more accessible bond market look like?

Technology has already revolutionised back offices at superannuation funds and wealth management businesses, and is soon to transform customer service as well.

It’s taken a while to gain momentum, but fixed income is starting to feature in high net worth portfolios in Australia, catching up with offshore peers.

Sustainable bonds are appealing to a wider set of investors as the market develops, a recent conference was told.

The financial crisis and its aftermath fundamentally reshaped bank business models, allowing investors to focus mainly on macroeconomic factors when they analyse the sector. Speakers at the KangaNews-NAB Fixed Income Beyond the Institutional Sector Summit shared insights into the present and future of bank investment.

For corporates with a growth agenda but no formal credit rating, the bond market is providing a new avenue for capital.

A new debt market is evolving that could help give mid-sized Australian companies that don’t have a credit rating more options to secure debt funding from investors.

Ethical investment was a hot issue at the KangaNews-NAB Fixed Income Beyond the Institutional Sector Summit in July. NAB’s Mark Todd and a panel of ethical investment industry leaders discussed how this market is developing in Australia.

A panel of fund managers and NAB’s Connie Sokaris discussed the vexing issue of how to create income in a low interest environment at the KangaNews-NAB Fixed Income Beyond the Institutional Sector Summit.

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