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Fifty years ago Australia’s main export market was the United Kingdom, shipping wool and wheat. Today over 83% of all Australian exports are going to Asian countries. Nuts and grains – specifically, nuts – are climbing the ranks of top exports.

While the health and aged care business stream attracted 130 Australian delegates and almost as many Chinese attendees at the first day of talks in Beijing, a planned mining stream was scrapped due to low interest.

More Chinese tourists are starting to prefer free independent travel over group tours, according to data from Tourism Australia.

Australian businesses in the healthcare sector are well positioned to capitalise on significant changes in the Chinese healthcare system as major demographic shifts unfold in the world’s second largest economy.

You may have reached a point where you’ve decided to explore alternatives to exporting alone to Asian markets. Forming a strategic alliance with another business of similar size and market presence can often be mutually beneficial. It’s important to understand how these kinds of partnerships work – and what the benefits are for your business.

China’s rapid economic development and urbanisation have had a major impact on the health of city-dwellers. Changes in diet and lifestyle have triggered an increase in the incidence of chronic ‘western’ illnesses such as diabetes and coronary heart disease. And, while greater wealth, improved living conditions and access to better medical care are extending lives, an ageing population brings its own set of challenges.

How many of some of Australia’s most innovative entrepreneurs does it take to catch a cab? If that cab is in Beijing, it seems quite a few.

For Matt, beer is liquid gold that will always go some way to curing what ails you. However, it’s the social aspects behind it that he believes is the real cure.

It’s one of those stories you read about and wonder if it’s true – how a business started out with a small offering and grew into an industry leader.

The International Monetary Fund expects India to retain and strengthen its recently acquired tag of being the fastest growing economy in the world.

More Australian businesses are doing business overseas and with advances in technology and the strength of the Australian dollar, more and more small businesses are choosing to import goods from overseas suppliers.

The China Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is a source of significant optimism for many of our business clients, most notably our small and medium sized business clients who are the key employer base in Australia and who generate a significant percentage of our country’s economic activity.

Whether Australian businesses realise it or not, China’s e-commerce giants are clearly jostling for the best position to take advantage of Australian products and services.

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