July 11, 2014

Case study: How Tiger Pistol delivered results in 24 hours

The Wine Liquidation Centre promoted a flash sale on Facebook for the first time, and it delivered $7,000 worth of sales in the first 24 hours! With help from Tiger Pistol, they also noticed an increase in foot traffic at their warehouse sales and in subscriptions to their newsletter.

Facebook can deliver both online and offline benefits for your business.  Read how The Wine Liquidation Centre achieved fast results.

As Project Manager at The Wine Liquidation Centre, Danielle Heyman had been considering the pros and cons of social media, for a good 12 months. She was concerned that the business had no social media presence at all but admits she was afraid of the unknown.

“Ours is a small, family business and we weren’t very familiar with social media, even on a personal level,” she says. “We didn’t know how to set up a professional Facebook page and were worried about who’d run it, how much time it would take and what we should post.”

That was before a NAB Business Banker suggested she trial the Tiger Pistol platform, which helped her to set up a Facebook page from scratch. “Our ultimate goal was to create a new audience and increase our sales – and we’re doing both,” she says.

Tiger Pistol’s provision of examples of different kinds of posts and customised schedules has given Heyman the confidence to manage the page. “There was always someone on hand to help with everything from the way the page should look to how best get our message across,” says Heyman. “I like being able to see the way each post will look and check the links before it goes live. I also like being able to schedule posts in advance. It helps us to plan.”

Fast results

When the business promoted a flash sale on Facebook for the first time they were thrilled by the results – $7,000 worth of sales in the first 24 hours.

“At our warehouse sales, wines are always available for tasting, so we weren’t sure if our customers would respond to an online offer. We were surprised by the number of people who saw us on Facebook and then bought online,” Heyman continues.

“Facebook opened up a whole new channel for our business and provided additional revenue we otherwise wouldn’t have had – and with minimal effort.”

It also provided offline benefits. “We’ve noticed an increase in foot traffic at our warehouse sales and in subscriptions to our newsletter. So businesses don’t need an online sales channel to benefit from promoting their business on Facebook.”

Facebook has created brand awareness through the power of word of mouth. “Facebook isn’t just about revenue. The flash sale increased the number of followers to our page and, although they may not be our highest value customers, their support through Facebook is valuable as it has built trust in our brand.”

Now that Heyman is seeing a wide range of benefits, Tiger Pistol is an ongoing strategy for the business. “Thanks to Tiger Pistol, using Facebook is easy and we’re getting measurable results,” says Heyman. “I haven’t done a post yet without them and I’m recommending them to every small business I know.”

Free Tiger Pistol trial for NAB Business customers

Tiger Pistol services start at only $45 + GST per month and there are no contracts or other commitments. To help NAB Business customers harness the power of social media, NAB and Tiger Pistol have come together to offer our customers free access to the Tiger Pistol platform and customer support for up to 90 days. To find out how to take up the free trial offer, visit nab.com.au/tigerpistol

Disclaimer: NAB and Tiger Pistol have entered into a promotional agreement. As part of this agreement, NAB may receive payment for customers whom sign up to Tiger Pistol.

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